Friday, May 22, 2020

Photo Albums & Legacy

One of my favorite past times is looking in old photo albums.  Each picture tells a story; some good and some bad.  Nonetheless, photo albums are filled with visual reminders of memories stored in our heart.  Sometimes it is shocking how time flies by so fast.   I don't realize how much life is changing until I flip through one of our albums and see how our once toddler boys are now grown men.

Life is bittersweet.   It's sweet in that we have loved ones to share it with; bitter in that our time is passing quickly.  My Dad died 7 years ago.  What a sad and shocking day for me.   He had been battling health issues for years and as much as I thought I was forewarned, I was not prepared for his passing. At the time of his death, we lived 9 hours away.  I had just gotten out of church when we got the call that his time was near.  I argued with myself for an hour whether or not it was really time.   You see, for years I thought my Dad might pass at anytime, but he never did.  So, in the back of my mind, I wondered if this was not going to turn out the same.   Nonetheless, we packed up and began our 9 hour journey home.   He took his last breath when we were 30 minutes outside my hometown.   He is not with me here on earth anymore, but He is with God and more fulfilled then ever.   Now I only have memories, but oh how sweet the memories are.  I have many pictures of my Dad and I.  Pictures keep his memory close to my heart.

When I am 80 years old and my boys look through my pictures,  I long for them to remember the good things about me.   I hope they remember how I loved to celebrate their birthdays and accomplishments.  I hope they remember that I made signs and honked my car when they came home from camp.  I hope they remember that I tried to encourage them to do their best in everything.   Maybe they won't think of the times I nagged, threw a fit, was too busy or distracted for them, or the times I cried for an hour because I was overwhelmed.   Most of all, when they look at my picture, I hope they see a woman that loved God above all and loved their Dad and them very much.   Life is bittersweet.  The sweet is worth tasting the bitter.   The days you are living now will be in tomorrow's photo albums.  What legacy are we leaving?