Thursday, May 14, 2020

It's Gonna Be Worth It

Do you ever feel pressure?  Do you ever feel confused about your life?  Do you ever feel as if your enemies seek you out only to make your life miserable?  Do you ever feel like life knocks you down?   Well, I have good news.  Paul, in the Bible, felt that way too.  However, He knew true victory in Christ. When he met Christ, He was radically changed.   Life for the Apostle Paul was not "business as usual" after his salvation.  He surrendered all by trading in his old identity for a new identity in Christ.  True victory doesn't mean all your problems have to go away.  True victory is found when your life is found in Christ.

In Christ, you are an overcomer.   What you can't do on your own, you can most certainly do as a child of God, by His strength.   This life will bring trouble but in Christ you can have victory.   When you accept Jesus as your Savior, He exchanges your sin for His righteousness.  What a bargain!  So, no matter what you face today, remember when you give your life to Christ and you experience hard times, that He is really bringing forth His life in you!  It's gonna be worth it.

Hang on to hope,