Thursday, May 21, 2020

Did You Hear What They Said About You?

Did you hear what they said about you?   Hearing those words can cause anxiety to fill your heart and mind.  Maybe you are the subject of vicious slander....or maybe you are the subject of a story that's true but has been twisted slightly.   Or maybe you really have messed up royally and people are reporting every detail.   Whichever the case, it does not feel good to hear that you are being discussed negatively.   What's worse is when you agree with what is being said.   You have made a mistake or are experiencing a failure and you feel your life is over.   Can you remember a time someone said something mean about you?   Did you believe it?   Did you receive it?  Maybe they said you will always be a loser or that you would never be true to one man.   Maybe they said you were a fake and not really a changed person at all.   Words can hurt and handicap our hearts. 

On the other hand, words can bring life and hope.  What does God say about you?  If you are not a Christian, the Bible says He loves you so much that He gave His son for you.   The Bible also says that he longs for you to believe in Him , receive Him as your Lord and be made a new creation through His Spirit.   If you are a born-again child of God,  the Bible has alot to say about you as well.  You are God's child, a friend of Jesus, a member of Christ's body, redeemed, forgiven, loved, free and so much more.

So, next time you hear those words, "Did you hear what they said about you?"   You can reply, "No, but what really matters is what God says about me."

In Christ,