Wednesday, April 22, 2020

I Blew It!

Have you ever felt like you just blew it?  You were feeling fairly peaceful and out of nowhere you find yourself reacting or acting in a way that did not glorify Christ?  Well, I have.....more times than I would like to admit.

When I find myself reacting in ways that later embarrass me, it is often a sign that I have my priorities out of order.  God has to be first in my life...Spending time with Him...Praying and reading my Bible.  My motive to do these things isn't that I'm afraid God will get mad.  I long to spend time with my Heavenly Father and be refreshed and restored.   However, even in the times when my heart feels cold and out of sorts, I know I can ask the Lord to restore the joy of my salvation.   I am weak.  He is strong.   Where I get into trouble is when I think I am strong on my own.  I am just weak.  I am so imperfect.  I cry, gripe, and throw fits.  However, God's strength can be made perfect in me.  I just need to surrender and give Him room to do the work in me.

So, if you have recently blown it......don't waste time having a pity-party.   Just run to God and tell Him your heart....ask Him to restore the joy of your salvation and allow Him to make His strength perfect in your weakness.

Praying for you!