Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Got the Quarantine Blues?

Sometimes I wake up and just can't believe that we are in a quarantine over a dangerous virus.   Although I am enjoying family time, I am missing my extended family and friends.  I miss meeting together with the youth group that my husband pastors.  I miss Sunday morning worship with our whole church body.  I miss these things.  I have days that I feel sad and I wonder how life will be after the quarantine is over. 

I recently joined a Zoom meeting for Christian women that discussed this topic.  It is perfectly normal that we have sad days.  Why?  Because being sad is a part of the grieving process and we are grieving.  We are grieving that we can't see our loved ones,  celebrate a college graduation nor have a birthday party.  We are mourning the loss of interaction with others.  Let's be patient with ourselves.  We can still trust God and have a day we deeply miss our loved ones and feel sad.   However, we don't have to stay sad because we have a hope.  Jesus is our hope and He keeps His promises! He loves us and won't leave us.  This season will work together for our good. 

Please know you are not alone.  God is still in control and He keeps His promises!

In this together,