Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Scattered Feathers

Have you ever said something and wished you could take it back immediately?  I have heard that speaking carelessly is like cutting open a feather pillow and standing in the wind.   It would be impossible to find all the feathers and gather them back together.  Words are very powerful; both good and bad. We often speak out of anger, sadness, tiredness or stress.  However, words can hurt.  Whoever said "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me" lied! We must have the Holy Spirit's power to control our tongue.

There was a time that some very hurtful words were spoken to me.  The words cut through to my heart and hurt deeply.   For awhile I let those hurtful words define me.  I struggled believing they might be true. However, with alot of prayers and God's strength, I chose to forgive the person.   At first, I was not able to be around that person without feeling shame and nervousness.   As time passed, my heart healed and now I seldom remember those words and when I do, I know they are not truth. On the other hand,  I have been the one that said very hurtful words.  I  was full of anger and opened up my mouth and the words flew.   Once the words left my tongue I knew I would regret saying them.  Sure enough, the words damaged a very important friendship.  Even after apologies the relationship was strained. 

Words can do alot of good or can do alot of bad.   We can use our words to glorify God or to grieve Him.  With God's help, we can control our tongue and be selective with our words.  Let's leave a legacy of speaking with grace, love and hope. We may never be able to "gather all the feathers" back of careless words in the past, however we can start now to be careful to make sure in the future that our words are spoken carefully.

Following are some scriptures to think on:

Don't use foul or abusive language.  Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them.   Ephesians 4:29 NLT

The heart of the godly thinks carefully before speaking; the mouth of the wicked overflows with evil words.   Proverbs 15:28 NLT