Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Book Review: Never Forsaken

Life is not always easy.  In fact, it is seldom easy in the world we live in.  Some days are just down right hard to walk through.  However, with Christ, there is the hope that God will work all things to the good for us who are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)  In His great mercy,  God can take the "ashes" of our mourning and sadness and make something beautiful.  (Isaiah 61:3)  As a Book Crash blogger, I have recently had the opportunity to receive a free copy of "Never Forsaken" by Janet Basurto, in exchange for a fair and honest review. "Never Forsaken" tells a story that is an example of how God can take our pain and sadness and turns it into love and redemption. 

Janet's story was one of  much abuse and hopelessness.  Being a very open and honest unedited story, there are times that this book is not easy to read.  However, the message of how, through Christ, Janet found redemption and a second chance, can give hope to someone also struggling.  I feel it took a lot of courage to share parts of her life that brought so much pain.  If you have suffered abuse and depression, this story can give you hope that with Christ all things are possible. If you would like to purchase your copy of "Never Forsaken", click HERE.