Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Press-On Wednesday: Sneaky Sugar

Sugar is a weakness of mine.  I have always loved sweet things.  Several years ago, with my Dad's encouragement, I eliminated sugar from my diet.  The first few days were horrible.  However, after the initial shock, I did quite well and felt much better.  Since then, I have gradually added sugar back into my diet but only one or two days a week.  With diabetes in my family, I want to keep sugar as a special treat, not one of my main staples.

Recently, I was reminded how sneaky sugar can be!  It's hiding in many everyday products.   Following are just a few:  ketchup, whip cream, coffee creamers, soy sauce, BBQ sauce, steak sauce, salsas, granola, yogurt, and much more.  Always check the labels to see how much sugar is in a product.  For more helpful information concerning sugar, check out SUGAR 101.

 Next week we are going to discuss High Fructose Corn Syrup and see how it measures up against pure cane sugar!  In the meantime, check out Sugar 101 and read some labels!  Remember, pursuing  a healthy lifestyle pays off in feeling good!  Press on!

(Press on Wednesdays are in memory of my Dad, Troy)