Friday, November 14, 2014


I really can't believe that it is almost Thanksgiving already!  The weather here has really changed this past week.  It's funny as the air turns cold and I smell the smoke from chimneys, the memories rush in. I can remember my Dad making fires in our fireplace.
I can remember cooking hotdogs on a bonfire at Chad's parent's farm.  I remember toasting marshmallows with my boys when we camped out as a family many years ago.  What memories do you have during this time of year? 
Do you have any special memories that warm your heart?  There is no doubt that there is someone reading this that may be having a hard time thinking of good memories.  I, too, have had some not so good memories of this time of year.  What do we do with those bad memories that pop up?  I talk to God about them.  I ask Him to help me work through them.  Do I have any unforgiveness that I need to deal with? Do I need to ask forgiveness to God or someone else?  Do I need to let God bring my soul healing from a deep hurt or disappointment?  As I bring my bad memories to God, forgive and release, an amazing thing happens; He heals my heart.

No matter what past memories you have of this time of year, you can start making new ones today.  Gather your family, have a camp out and make smores.  Maybe you would rather have a movie night while you shared popcorn and sipped Apple Cider with red-hots.  Maybe you would like to take a short road trip and see the beautiful trees changing colors.  Whatever you do, spend quality time with those you love the most and make special memories that will last a lifetime.

Chad's parents, Mema & Grandaddy,
 at last year's  family camp out.
 They will celebrate 51 years of marriage this coming Sunday!