Saturday, September 27, 2014

Yummy Blessings

Chad and I had a great date yesterday! I won a sweepstakes from Bubbly Nature Creations. Rachel Rockwell, the creator of Bubbly Nature, has a great blog website with awesome recipes.  You can follow her at  Part of what I won was a food tour from Food Tours of America.  Our particular tour was of West Village in Dallas, Texas.  We had a great time!  Our tour guide was named Jason.  He was a great guide and made the tour alot of fun.  We also met three sweet ladies that toured with us. 
The tour started at the Baboush Resturant where we had delicious Mediterranean appetizers and a chicken dish with very yummy and unique seasonings.  Next, we toured the awesome West Village shopping district and ended up at the Taco Diner for our next tasting.  At the Taco Diner we were served warm tortilla chips and five delicious sauces to dip from. Along with the chips, we  were served 2 wonderful tacos: chicken and fresh pineapple and fried avocado with black bean.  It was amazing.  We had to take a small detour from the original plan but it made the tour very special.  We rode the neighborhood trolley and ended up at the Shell Shack in Uptown.  At the Shell Shack we were served an amazing shrimp and corn boil.  Words can't express how tasty that was.  Another cool thing was their cool automatic hand washing machine! Last, but certainly not least, we stopped in at the Bread Winner's bakery and cafe.  At the bakery we were served an out of this world 4 layer chocolate cake! I won't even try to tell you how yummy that was!  
God is so awesome and we thank Him for allowing us to win this food tour; it was such a blessing and made an awesome date!  We highly recommend Food Tours of America in Dallas, as well as our great guide Jason. 
I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday worshiping our God.  We will visit again on Marvelous Monday!
Pics of food tour: