Monday, September 22, 2014

Marvelous Monday

Monday's have a bad reputation;  they usually signify the day that the fun is over and all the work begins.  An old 80's tune deemed this day as "Manic Monday". No wonder we all get a little sad on Sunday evening; Monday is around the corner!   But what if...just what if, Monday was something very special? What if on Sunday night after church, instead of feeling blue, we started planning our very own "Marvelous Monday"?
     There are many creative ways to make Monday special.  One idea is to plan a special meal for Monday evening.  You may could plan a favorite crock-pot dish or another family favorite that's easy to prepare.  If making a meal doesn't fit your schedule, then you could plan to pick up a pizza or tacos. The menu is not as important as the people eating it.  When my boys were little, we would go around the table and each say our "High-low".  Each person would tell the high point of their day, as well as the low point. Another thing we did, was have a  "Star of the Day". The person that set the table would secretly draw a star on the bottom of someone's plate.(we used paper plates lol) The "Star of the Day" would get to pick what we did after the meal. Chad and I would give several choices to choose from:  You could take a family walk, play dominoes, watch a movie, or make and have a special dessert, etc. If you are empty-nesters you could even have date night on Monday instead of Friday! (Gasp)  Even if you don't have a family, you can still have a special Monday. You could designate that day to meet a friend for lunch or do a special activity that evening. The ideas are endless!
     I am determined to change Monday's reputation in my home! This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it....even if.....oops, I mean especially if it is " Marvelous Monday"! 

(Below are pics of some of the things that made up our special evening meal today.  I'm still trying to decide about the cake! Lol)