Saturday, September 20, 2014

Life is like a cupcake

I have a dear friend that made a request for my Chocolate Fudge cupcakes with Salted Caramel Icing. So, this afternoon I set out to whip up a batch. I got out the eggs, oil, sour cream and various other ingredients and began the process.  As I added each ingredient in my large red bowl, my mind drifted back to days gone by.  I thought of my Dad who is already in Heaven and the day he left this earth. I miss him very much and I don't guess I will ever get use to him not being here.  Three weeks ago I had a really bad wreck and walked away with no injuries. I know the Lord was with me and saved my life. The evening of my wreck alot of my family stopped by to check on me. I was so grateful to be alive. My son Jordan called from California and we visited for awhile. After I hung up, I kept feeling like something was missing. I couldn't put my finger on it.  Then it hit me....Dad was missing.  In every other serious moment of my life Dad was there. It was strange. Yet a part of him is always with me.  I have his love for God,  people, and even garage sales:)  Alot of things in life are not pleasant:  losing Dad, having a wreck, my son moving thousands of miles away...kinda like the individual ingredients. A mouth full of vegetable oil is nasty.  A raw egg is not my favorite either.  However, as you take all those ingredients and mix them together, they make something wonderful. Such is life. Sometimes the things we face are hard to swallow, but as we let God take all these things and mix them up with His love, grace, and Holy Spirit, something wonderful happens. God shapes us more into His image and we can be a blessing to others.
     Suddenly, the timer buzzed and the warm fudgy cupcakes were ready. Later,  I topped them with the creamy rich icing. At last, it was time to taste the final product.  Words couldn't express how good it tasted.  Similiarly, one day I will live in Heaven with Jesus, Dad, and my other family.   All the unpleasant ingredients of my life will melt away as I see Jesus and all will be sweet.  Until then, I will trust God to continue  making beauty out of ashes....and I will continue to make yummy cupcakes out of less appetizing ingredients.  Hope you all have a blessed Sunday worshiping our God.