Friday, September 26, 2014

Date your Mate!

Chad and I are going on a special date today. (more details to come later). Yes, we date.  We have been married almost 23 years.  It did not take us long to realize that making time to date was very important.  Think about it, before you were married wasn't it important to spend quality time together? Well let me tell you, it's even more important now.  When we were younger we were advised to date weekly.  I will admit, we found that really hard to do.  However, when we would skip that quality time for our marriage it became very obvious!!  Of course, the most important relationship in our marriage is our relationship with God.  When that relationship is top priority, then our marriage relationship is much stronger and loving.

I want to encourage you not to let finances or other things cause you to put off spending date time with your spouse.  If you are tight on money, have your date after the kids go to bed.  Chad and I had many movie dates at home after the kids were in bed.  We would make some nachos (our fav) and watch a movie.  Sometimes we would play cards or dominos. When the kids were older, we would take walks together. With a little creativity, you can have a great date without spending money.  I remember one particularly stressful season in our lives in which a date was greatly needed.  We really needed to get away but couldn't afford a trip. I asked God for direction and felt I was to try to create a vacation in our home.  Chad's parents agreed to watch the.boys over night.  After they left, I got busy.  I made supper, set the table and lit candles.  However, I knew Chad would come home dirty from work.  I had a great idea that I laugh at now.  I ran him a hot bubble bath and put on his favorite music. I wanted him to feel he was on a real vacation so I dragged every pot plant in the house to the bathroom.  I then lit some candles. It looked like a tropical rainforest by candle light!! Haha... Needless to say, he was very surprised and appreciated my efforts.  It really doesnt matter what you do when you it out of love!  So, start planning that special date for your mate!  Have a blessed weekend!