Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saturday Mornings

 Being in the ministry often means that Sunday is NOT your "rest day".  Sometimes we do up to three services on Sunday while out on the road.  Many Minister's wives not only assist their husband in preparing for their Sundays, but have a list of their own ministry duties as well. It is SO important that you mentally, physically, and spiritually prepare for your Sunday.  Often, Saturday is that day for me. Saturday is one time at the Ferrell Home things are usually not scheduled.  However, Saturday mornings pass by in a blink of an eye!  Where do Saturday mornings go? This morning I woke up coughing, blowing my nose, and eating cough drops:) As I prepared to have my quiet time with the Lord, I made my cup of hot tea.  As I was brewing the tea my mind started listing off all the things I need to do today:  write out bills, wash MORE clothes, wash my van before one of the kids writes "wash me" on the window, wash the dishes stacked in the sink, plan my meals for today and lunch for Sunday, send out any thank yous, grade Zach's homeschool and write out lesson plans.....the list grew and grew.  As I thought about all these things I felt myself getting anxious.  I wondered if I really had time to sit down and write in my prayer journal and read God's word....I mean I could always do it later.  It was as if the Lord gave me a tug in my heart.  The truth is I NEED this time with Jesus more than I need my next breath.  I need to minister to my family but ONLY through God's Spirit and Power could I do it effectively anyway.  As I sat down and begin to talk to the Lord, I felt a peace wash over me. When we put Jesus first in EVERYTHING and lay down our will for His, then He can move and work in our lives like never before.  Funny, just as I was typing this, my son runs in announcing that a friend of ours is going around the neighborhood washing vehicles!  I told him to sign our van up!!  Isn't the Lord good?  I put my time with Him first and  He took one of my "chores" off my list!! Praise the Lord.  I hope you all take the time today to love on Jesus and let Him love on you.  In reality, we can not do anything with eternal value if we don't. Matthew 6 reminds us not to worry and be anxious but to SEEK FIRST the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness!  Have a blessed Saturday!