Monday, June 1, 2020

What are we full of?

We hear reports of crazy stuff constantly via the internet.   There are memes, gifs, videos, blogs, songs, and on and on and on.  Information overload.  We can look on Facebook and know what our friends are doing at any given time.  We can read about every side of every argument.   Our brains can only contain so much.  We are constantly filling them full, full, full.  But wait.  What if this was your last day on earth.  Would you get on social media and read all you can?  Would you watch all the netflix you could?  Would you watch all of Fox News you could watch?  What would you fill your mind  with?

God's word is filled with truth.  Wisdom is found on the pages of the Bible.   How much do we fill up with scripture?   If you find yourself burnt out, cynical and depressed, check up on what you are filling up with.  Do you want freedom?  Do you want to find true love?  God has an answer in His Word.  Check it out!

Praying for you!